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Microsoft FSX uses several layers of generic textures in order to cover the surface of the globe. These textures have been adjusted altogether to generate a random repetition to infinity. These repetitions can hardly be perceived when soaring at a low altitude but become very present above 20 000 feet (6 000 m).

The primary objective of FS Altitude is to replace these repetitive textures very few realistic by real photo–textures. The second objective remains the cohabitation of this low-resolution photo-realistic texture with all other components of the Flight Simulator, such as the default textures, the airports, 3D objects, and autogen. The low resolution of the photo-realistic texture used can not provide a sufficient visual rendition at low altitude, it deactivates by leaving the place to other Microsoft FSX default textures or any other add-ons previously installed.

FS Altitude is able to manage this notion of “priority” by exploiting the multi-resolution display system of the graphic motor of Microsoft FSX: the level of resolution displayed depends on the distance of the aircraft (that is your point-of –view) according to a given point.
It means that you can represent the textures of FS Altitude as a “coat” covering the entire terrain, except one “cone” of several kilometres of diameter right under the aircraft. Within this round drawn by the cone on the ground, it is FSX default that is displayed as if FS Altitude did not exist: autogen is displayed, high-resolution textures are displayed as well as all other add-ons previously installed.
  • User friendly : easy installation and use for all public
  • FPS friendly : no need for a powerful configuration
  • Provides an advantageous replacement of repeated FSX LandClass for an optimal and coherent rendering of terrain
  • Homogeneous textures all over the world (contrast, colors...). Sea-coasts, rivers and lakes entirely completed while preserving the reflecting water effects of FSX, as well as the standard or customized WaterClass
  • 14.25 m/pixel resolution with optimized colors and quality
  • Easy activation/de-activation by simply clicking in the Scenery Library - no need to install or uninstall any other file outside the Scenery Directory of the Scenery
  • Compatible with other Mesh products and Photo-realistic sceneries of higher resolution
  • Less cluttering of memory for the terrain textures at low resolution provides a faster and widespread display
  • Quicker flight loading than of standard photo-realistic textures

Check out the difference between default FSX (left picture) and FS Altitude (right picture) !

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